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About Us

Module Caspi LLC , was founded in 2011 to be an extensive supplier of Energy, Mining, Drilling, HSE and Medical Equipment to the Caspian Basin.

We have understood the gaps in project deliveries, procurement and logistic in the Caspian Basin. We have established the company which is continuously brings new approaches, values and better methods to meet major client needs.

To be the empowering, customer centric and cost effective company in the Caspian Region. We want to build highly transparent, evolving, and affluent company. We want 100% trust of our clients.

Module Caspi is one of the developing companies within Caspian and South Caucasus region. It has been operating in different segments of industry; including but not limited to Energy, Mining, HSE and Medical, Industrial IOT and Construction projects. Our work strategy is as following: Investigation, Procurement, Supply, and Service. We have a team of engineers that will help the customer to develop customizes products for the specific needs. Our large stock availability meets all kind of MRO equipment requests from our clients. All of our vendors are certified with Internationally recognized bodies.

We truly understand the market, and its needs. There is no slow market for us, and we do not get slow by economic downtimes. Instead, we always keep ourselves busy by developing our team members, educating ourselves, improving our stock capabilities and invest in future business. We rather focus on our clients’ situations, their needs and generating an optimistic business approaches with them.

Module Caspi has got all the needed credentials to be trusted. We work with best companies in the region. We help to develop others by utilizing our highly ethical, on time and cost effective approaches. Under these themes Module Caspi has established its vision and strategy for next decade. We want to be part of the integrated transformation of Energy sector, and Industrial IOT.

Finally, we are dedicated with full energy to bring utmost benefits not only to Azerbaijan, Caucasus and Caspian Region, but also be recognized as reputable company in all aspects. We value every and each feedback and recommendations.

Thank You !