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General Solutions

Radio over IP allows a number of push to talk radio handsets to be connected locally into an existing SIP based voice switching network including:

CISCO Call Manager or Juniper VoIP
Asterisk PBX
WAVE 5000 from Motorola (formerly WAVE from Twisted Pair)
Commercial SIP based VoIP PBXs
The push to talk network can interface with existing VoIP handsets, can connect calls onward to desk phones or cellular phones and to specialist PTT applications for Android or iOS

Vocality’s various radio-based solutions provide an answer to common radio connectivity and compatibility challenges.

Beyond Line-of-Sight (LOS)
Using IP
Communication Gateway
Connect Push-to-Talk Radios to
LMR Interoperability (Land Mobile Radio)
Land Mobile Radio (LMR) over IP
Land Mobile Radio (LMR) RoIP conversion
Land Mobile Radio (LMR) VoIP conversion
Cross-banding interoperability
Connect different radios to each other within or beyond LOS
RoIP radio cross connect
Remote Control
Provide remote control of radios, for instance to change frequency

Beyond Line-of-Sight (LOS)

Devices such as BASICS Radio Relay or BASICS Hybrid allow the direct connectivity of several handsets into the unit, and the push to talk radio conversation and associated signalling is converted into IP.

Unlike a straightforward gateway application, the BASICS units have a special functionality that cannot be found in other gateways. Vocality’s PACE functionality allows the radio calls to be extended over IP with the maximum reliability, but the minimum of bandwidth overhead.

A combination of silence suppression, packet aggregation, de-jittering and efficient but clear voice compression bring significant bandwidth savings to the network operator, and importantly, the calls are clearer and more reliable to the user. In this way, users can extend a PTT radio network over –

Mobile satellite terminals (Thuraya IP+, Inmarsat BGAN)
Field deployed tactical IP (via line of site connectivity, satcom or fiber)
Terrestrial IP (extend radio networks for ambulance, taxi or emergency comms)

Cross-banding interoperability

Connecting multiple radios on different bands into a Vocality solution, different radio networks can be cross-connected.

By using this solution, different agencies or blue light services can have an easy and effective way to interconnect their service, removing the possibility that their services cannot work together in the case of an event.

Remote Control

Using either in-band E&M signalling, or by using a data circuit (sync or async) carried alongside the radio extension or gateway, remote radio networks can be controlled from a central location.

Sample of Supported Radios

Public Safety Radios from:
Motorola, Harris, Codan, Barrett, Kenwood, Thales, ICOM, Relm
Commercial Radios:
Ritron, Midland, Cobra
Military Program of Record Radios such as:
N/PRC 1xx
FALCON (Harris)
HMS / Rifleman
Aselsan 4700 SK2 Mobile Radio

Suggested Products


BASICS Radio Relay

Today LTE is becoming the dominant standard for broadband data communication in public mobile radio, and is rapidly being accepted as the standard for the future evolution of radio, including TETRA for the emergency services.

LTE provides the ability for increased levels of functionality via the radio handset, this can include Voice (VoLTE), Push-To-Talk mobile apps, live mapping, video streaming and many other services.

Vocality offer a range of solutions that provide the ability to connect a wide range of legacy and modern Push-To-Talk radios from multiple manufactures and frequencies to an LTE based system. Our products provide radio connectivity to a number of leading dispatch systems including Motorola WAVE, MutualLink and VCOM, allowing radio users to connect easily with landlines and cellular phones.

Example LTE System Topology 

Emergency Services Networks (ESN) provide communications for services including police, fire and ambulance services. These mission critical systems require a highly robust system that can address the specific communication needs of emergency services. Today, technologies such as TETRA and P25 are often used as these networks provide a set of features that were not previously supported in commercial cellular systems, however cellular network providers are investing heavily in new 4G LTE sites and deploying highly resilient new core systems to deliver ground-breaking critical communications networks for use by the Emergency Services.




For further information on how Vocality can help with your 4G LTE system requirements please contact us.

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Whether you are a commercial or government user, securing communications is critical, particularly when travelling overseas.



We pride ourselves on our PC/104 option boards already used in tactical communications kits for many of the United States’ secure communications kits.

Vocality offer a range secure communications on the move (secure COTM) solutions for securing their voice, video, radio and network work traffic. Users can easily secure their data locally, on a laptop or with a secure phone plus teams can benefit from a complete, single secure tactical kit for communications and networking services.

Hardware options include boxed and PC/104 integrator plus for customers with their own hardware device, our OPUS software can be embedded directly in to third party products.

Suggested Products

Across the BASICS and PRO ranges, Vocality supports network routing with a broad range of protocols, security features and switching functionality. For some devices, the routers are standalone devices, and in others, they combine voice, radio or data functionality.

Core to Vocality’s Network Routers is its operating system – VOS. This is Vocality’s own software, which, like CISCO’s IOS contains all the functionality for edge and central network routing.

VOS includes additional capabilities that make it ideally suited to tactical and satellite applications.

  • IPv4 routing
  • Routing protocols:
    • BGP, OSPF, RIPv2
  • DHCP server / client
  • QoS/Bandwidth pool management
  • Static routes
  • Network security: IPSec, SSH
  • Optimisation:
    • SIP gateway (bandwidth optimised)
    • RTP optimisation
    • Packet aggregation (IP multiplexing)
    • TCP PEP acceleration (optional)
  • IP aggregates
  • Policy based routing
  • UDP relay
  • Spanning tree
  • SNMPv3 MIB II reporting
  • VLAN tagging
  • Jitter buffer optimisation
  • SIP Enhanced services, including SIP proxy and registration

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All Vocality devices can have routing activated, so BASICS Radio Relay or BASICS Voice, for example, can have network routing enabled.

Vocality comes from a heritage of producing bandwidth efficient multiplexer solutions – mux units that provide the full range of user facing connectivity, while managing the bandwidth used in muxing the services between locations.

All the PROFESSIONAL devices use VOS as their core operating system, which means that each of these devices offers the latest in bandwidth efficient network routing, as well as network security and QoS management.

The four variations that are available – portable V25 and V50plus and rackmount V150 and V200 – each voice and data mux offers a different layout and density of ports such as voice, ethernet, serial data or ISDN. However, as they all operate the same software, their management interface is nearly identical and they are all interoperable.

The communications interfaces provided include:-

  • Multiple dedicated network routers and bandwidth optimizers
  • 2 wire FXS telephone interfaces
  • 2 wire FXO telephone interfaces
  • 4 wire talkback or RoIP interfaces
  • High speed serial data interfaces (up to 10Mbps each)
  • Async data interfaces
  • Basic Rate ISDN (2B+D) data interfaces
  • Primary Rate ISDN for digital voice interfaces
  • SIP based VoIP interfaces

Suggested Products

The voice has been central to Vocality’s portfolio since day one. Across all of our products, you will find a broad selection of voice platforms to connect all types of phones to the PSTN, and PBXs.

Welfare Communications

Millions of minutes each year pass through Vocality equipment, connecting soldiers, aid agency workers and logistics specialists with their loved ones back home.

  • Connect PBXs over satellite, with highest bandwidth efficiency
  • Extend POTS circuits over the wide area network
  • Connect to SIP media servers, or to legacy switches with digital E1/T1 connectivity

Secure Voice Communications

Each country has its own approved platforms for secure communications, whether it’s data security for commercial or for government highest levels of security. Similarly, many countries have a standardized platform for secure voice. Vocality supports secure phones and fax for many locations, including those by Crypto AG, General Dynamics and others, supporting STU 2B, STU 3 and STE. Through ISDN Extenders, Vocality also supports the UK’s BRENT crypto.

Voice Features found through Vocality Products

  • Bandwidth efficient codecs
    • G.723A 5.3K, G729A 8K, G711-a-Law & G711-u- Law
  • Modem, fax and universal relay for non-standard modems/secure
  • Silence suppression
  • SIP support
  • Digital Voice (E1/T1)
  • FXS, FXO, 4 Wire E&M
  • Variable gain
  • Compatible with CISCO Unified Communications Manager and Asterisk

Suggested Products

For field deployed users (aid agencies, military, exploration etc) reduced size, weight and power demands are of critical for successful deployment.
Smaller, lighter kit means less people to transport the kit, and less money and space to transport the kit by air, sea or land.

Less power consumption means lighter batteries or less demand on generators.

Complete Efficiency

Vocality isn’t just about SWAP. Bandwidth efficiency drives down the need for larger satellite terminals, or drive down the operational cost of the system.

Our PC/104 versions of BASICS boards are used in tactical kits by many of the major international systems integrator’s and transportable kit designers.

Suggested Products
PC/104 BASICS IP Router
PC/104 BASICS IP Router
PC/104 BASICS Voice
PC/104 BASICS Voice
PC/104 BASICS Hybrid
PC/104 BASICS Hybrid

Capabilities Overview

Vocality’s range of solutions is very broad and extends into a wide number of vertical sectors. Here’s a selection of key capabilities that are frequently deployed by Vocality’s users worldwide.

  • Secure Comms
    • Dejitter secure analog and SIP over SATCOM or cellular connection
    • Physically separate, multi-purpose secure enclaves
  • Communications Connectivity
    • Connecting Radio over IP (RoIP) devices into SIP based VoIP
    • Connecting digital and analogue telephony into IP infrastructure
  • Situational Awareness
    • Passing sensor data across SATCOM, cellular and wireless networks
    • Extending mesh-networks over SATCOM, cellular and wireless networks
  • Video Streaming
    • Mitigating video jitter and green-screening across SATCOM, cellular, and WiFi for streaming and VTCs
  • Size, Weight, and Power
    • Highest port/channel density in the industry
    • Low power at 2A
    • Size as small as a PC-104 card
  • Limited Bandwidth
    • Multiplexing IP to increase throughput up to 200%
    • Packet compression and aggregation to reduce loss through modems and encryption devices
  • Serial Control
    • Optional SYNC / ASYNC serial support
  • Interoperable Comms
    • Register with IPPBX (Cisco or Asterisk)
  • Testing
    • Simulating Satellite conditions in a controlled environment
    • Training on SATCOM networks without using air-time
    • Stressing networks in “worse-than-real-life” conditions