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Comprehensive Calibration Solutions Provider serving Industries since 1972. More than 50,000 Calibrators, 2000 Dead Weight Testers & 1500 Calibration Test Bench Systems are proving their mettle worldwide.


Dry Block Temperature Calibrators

Portable / Semi-Portable Dry Block Temperature Calibrators covering Sub-Zero, Low, Medium, High & Very High Ranges (from -40°C to 1500°C).

Black Body Calibration Sources

Portable, Compact Bench Top Black Body Calibration Sources covering Low, Medium & High Temperature Ranges.

Pressure Calibrators

Portable & Handheld Pressure Calibrator Models covering ranges upto 40 bar (Pneumatic) & 700 Bar (Hydraulic) & Accuracies upto ±0.25% F.S.

Hand Pumps

Portable, Handheld & Bench Top type Hand Pump models to cover Pneumatic (upto 40 Bar) & Hydraulic (upto 1000 Bar) Ranges – OEM Product.

Dead Weight Testers

Pneumatic & Hydraulic Dead Weight Testers covering ranges upto 1200 Bar & Accuracies upto ±0.015% Reading.

Comparison Testers

Several Models covering Ranges up to 1400 Bar for checking Pressure Measuring Devices / Master Devices / Test Gauges etc.

Signal Calibrators

Various Models with Capability to Measure &/or Simulate DC Voltages, DC Current, Frequency, Resistance, Thermocouples & RTD.

Mobile Calibration Systems

All modules / systems integrated in a Sturdy Mobile Trolley offering Portability / Mobility

Calibration Test Benches

Comprehensive Range of Customized Systems for Calibration of Pressure, Temperature, Electrical & Multifunction Parameters.

Level Calibration System

For Primary, Interface & Total Liquid Testing & Calibration of various Types / Modules of Level Measurement (& Control) Devices.

Flow Meter Calibration System

For Calibration of Process Flow Meters from 2% to 0.1% Accuracy Levels. Meter Sizes : DN10 upto DN300.

Water Meter Test Bench

Ideal for Calibration of Domestic, Industrial or Bulk Water Meters covering Multiple Meter Sizes : DN10 to DN300 in one or more lines.