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Satellite Connectivity Solutions

Module Caspi  Managed Satellite Services  (in partnership with Melcom Electronics) specialise in providing satellite connectivity anywhere, anytime, for any length of time. Using Avanti’s fleet of HYLAS satellites and utilising the latest KA-Band technology, we provide secure, resilient, high speed and cost effective services across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


++ Suitable for onshore & offshore exploration and production
++ Fast installation & redeployment ensure connections are available when you need them
++ Integrated network management, supplemented by 24/7 support
++ Welfare networks

++  Simple tariffs & flexible billing allows you to keep track of your spend
++  Resilient & secure network guarantees content delivery with 24/7 support
++  Wide range of terminals from proven broadcast vendors
++  Traffic encryption
++  Increase efficiency by connecting remote sites and mines with head office
++  Reduce costs through real-time data sharing
++  Secure remote assets
++  Allow workers to stay in touch with friends and family

++ Available across EMEA via multiple PoPs
++ Layer 1 scrambling, layer 2/3 encryption
++ Scalable services according to demand
++ Easy deployment

++  Automatically detects primary link failure & restoration. No need for human intervention
++  No interruption when terrestrial network fails
++  Cost effective: Pay for usage when required
++  VPN tunnelling with public or private IP addresses
++  Turn up, Turn on
++  No monthly retainer fee, pay per GB downloaded or pay per day
++  Bandwidth up to 56/11Mbps
++  Last minute bookings available with as little as 1 hour notice required
++  Online accounting & filing
++  Participate in integrated supply chains
++  Connect with new markets and customers
++  Access commodity trading platforms
++  Access online weather reporting
++  Connect remote clinics, hospitals, and medical centres
++  Remote diagnostics to support telemedicine
++  Digital health records
++  Remote patient monitoring

Scope of Services


KA-Band Satellite Bandwidth managed services, covering Europe, Middle East, East and South Africa.
Shared Services for Consumer and Small Business.
These services use a small 74cm antenna and Hughes modem with multiple service packages to choose from based on usage. The Consumer and Business packages have different contention levels in relation to use, ideal for average 10 connected users. Quick deploy turnaround, 6 month contracts available.
Guaranteed services
Dedicated bandwidth without download limitations.
Starting at 2.5Mbps (total up/down combined), dedicated bandwidth can be extension of the office LAN or connection of multiple sites.
Depending on design and application, Hughes or Idirect modems are used.

Occasional Use (OU)

Based on iDirect technology; essentially a Zero Value contract, pay as you use.
Services range from dedicated 1/5Mbps or 5/1Mbps in 6 hour bookings.
Mbps bookings, customer decides the size and pays per Mbps per hour.
Ad-hoc service, based on 1/5Mbps or 5/1Mbps, no pre-booking required, turn-up turn-on.

Business Internet Continuity (BIC)

Using Hughes hardware, works seamless with existing infrastructure, using 15/2Mbps bandwidth when primary connection is lost.
Small Monthly fee, pay per GB used once active.

Event Service

Large Events require larger bandwidth, this service uses iDirect with 20/4 or 40/8Mbps
Link Budget required on application, minimum of 3 day bookings.

Accredited Hughes installer Training
Static IP addresses are available
PoP London, Frankfurt and Cyprus
Backhaul onto international Fibre