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Module Caspi is one of the distrubutors of Ega Master company in Azerbaijan. EGA Master is a Spanish premium hand tool manufacturer committed with keeping workers on the field safe and efficient, across the most demanding industries on the market.

Born as a specialists in Piping Tools, today EGA Master is the only manufacture that offers an integrated one stop solution of industrial quality hand tools. The range offered by EGA Master includes hand tools, Pipe tools, 1000V Insulated tools, ESD Electro Dissipative tools, Non-sparking and Titanium tools, Anti-drop tools, Tool control system, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Underwater tools and ATEX-certified Intrinsically Safe/Explosion-Proof Instruments. At present the company has become a world leader in the safety category and manufactures tools and equipment for the most demanding industries such as automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, construction, oil & gas or mining.

Some end users of EGA Master tools and solutions include companies and institutions such as Exxon Mobil, Shell, Airbus, United Nations, NATO, Coca Cola, Audi, Volkswagen, Nissan-Renault, Siemens or Philips. You can find a list of our most important end users, as well as some case studies in the following link http://www.egamaster.com/en/what-our-customers-say